Poultry Systems

Feeder Systems

Automatic Feeding System with Silo

This pan is the only feeder pan in the world which can adjust its height as well as diameter according to age of the bird. We also offer Silos with different storage capacities. It offers unique advantages such as usage from day one, Best FCR, Stimulating Feed Consumption and Simple & Easy Cleaning

Automatic Nipple Watering System

We offer wide range of nipple systems which are customized to meet the demands of the sub-continent, with special expertise in hot climates. It offers unique advantages such as Easy side action, Riggedness, Fewer Contamination, Reduced Mortality and Improved feed conversion which result in Heavier and Healthier birds.

Watering Systems

Nipple Watering System

It provides range of nipple systems for broilers, layers and breeders. the wide range allows you to choose the nipple and flow rate suitable to your poultry needs. The overall quality, reliability and efficient service guarantee you optimum performance for best results.

Bell Drinkers

The drinker provides excellent water distribution from first day through grow-out. Drinkers have a special filter which ensures continuous supply of clean water. Water level in the drinkers can be easily adjusted by twisting water level adjuster. Ballast when filled with water or gravel provides excellent stability to the drinker which greatly reduces swinging spring and valve mechanism to provide trouble free performance.

Climate Control System


The Control panel helps control the total system, ie Feeding, Brooding, Fans & Controllers like AC-2000 and Platinum Plus and Junior etc.

Inside Arrangement:

  • Main MCB 32 AMP
  • For each stage control or relay or device control separate MCB 4 amp, then the contactor mn9, with overload relay.
  • Each panel with time delays so that when the electricity is interrupted, all the panels will not start at once.
  • All the wires with proper identification.
    Separate power and control circuits.

Features of the panel [Front side]:

  • Three phase indicators
  • Voltage indicator with selector
  • Alarm, audio and light flashing


  • Total 8 relays available, we can use as under fans groups 5, heater 1, cooling 1, alarm 1.
  • Two temp sensors and one humidity sensor.
  • Option of using heater relay as fan relay.
  • Auto manual option.
  • Programmable from day one to day out.
  • Data for all the days is stored min and max temp Humidity of each growth day.
  • Cooling cut off at 85% r h.
  • PC connectivity.
  • Real time clock.
  • 10 minimum ventilation features available.



  • 16 independent heat zones.
  • Precise fogging and cooling systems.
  • Feed management with integrated overflow alarm and shutoff.
  • Current sensor for monitoring power consumption.
  • Low water pressure alarm.
  • Up to 80 heavy-duty relays.
  • Fail safe emergency relay.
  • Static pressure control.
  • Detailed alarm and event log.
  • Modular system to meet specific requirements.
  • Complete remote communication with real-time visual outlook.
  • Large LCD graphic display.
  • On-screen help and graphs.
  • Data plug for easy data transfer.
  • Large & friendly numeric keypad.
  • Smart On/Off/Auto override switches.
  • Battery backup option (12 V).
  • SD card port to save history & update software



  • Water output discharge – 50 liters per hour at 20 ft water head.
  • Covers radius of 10-12 feet.
  • Operates on low pressure, even on 15 feet water head.
  • Fits on 1″ BSP adaptor.
  • Spray caps are threaded & can be removed to clean salt, dirt depsition if any.


  • Reduces high temperature to prevent heat stress MORTALITY.
  • Reduces heat stress condition, that eliminates negative impact of heat stress on egg size, shell quality and number of eggs produced.
  • Reduces temperature by 6° to 7° F or more.


The Sprinkler are installed using 32 mm PVC pipe line and after every 10-15 feet, Sprinklers are fitted using 32 mm tee and female adaptor. The pipe line is installed near the center of roof. Connect the pressure source to pipe line. Adjust the flow of water by valve to desired level. The Sprinklers may be us.

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